Oconomowoc –Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ extension of the mask mandate with another 60-day “public health emergency”:


“As I expressed in my July 31st press release, Wisconsin’s governor continues to trample our State Constitution, overstepping his authority by issuing continual public health emergencies that have the force of law for 60-days. Today, he once again thumbed his nose at the separation of powers and the will of Wisconsinites by giving himself an additional period of unbridled, dictatorial authority. True to my promise to the many constituents who have contacted me in distress over the governor’s behavior, I stand today to fight against this repeated power grab.


“I call on Assembly and Senate leadership and my legislative colleagues to take legal action, fighting the governor’s overreach. It is time we take back the power given to the legislature in the State Constitution and end the governor’s repeated power grab.


“It is abundantly clear that this governor is operating far outside the intent of this law, thus damaging the wellbeing of the citizenry of this state. The past two mandates issued by this governor fall well outside the definitions set forth in Section 323.02(16). A third, unfounded mandate is completely unacceptable.


“We have been fortunate to learn much about COVID-19 since it first became a grave concern to us over 6 months ago. Identification of at-risk demographics, prevention, and treatment have transformed this illness so that it no longer comports with the definition of an illness that has a high possibility of a ‘large number of deaths or serious or long-term disabilities among humans.’


“It is past time for our Legislature to do the right thing by fighting this illegal overreach by a governor who so grossly disrespects and disregards the Wisconsin Constitution.”

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