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Remains Dedicated to Diligence for Her Constituents

Madison – Representative Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) shared her reaction to the State of the State Address this evening, detailing her pride in the progress being made in Wisconsin thanks to Republican leadership over the past nine years. While Rep. Dittrich doesn’t agree with many of the Governor’s approaches to issues that would increase spending and government regulations, she reiterated her commitment to Republican legislative priorities including reducing health care costs, improving educational outcomes, and implementing sound environmental and public safety policy.

“The state of our state continues to move forward in the right direction thanks to solid, conservative policies. Thanks to the leadership of our Republican legislature and Joint Finance Committee, we have an expanding economy, vibrant job market, and continuing access to quality health care,” said Rep. Dittrich. “Our policy reforms and conservative principles have been paying off for the state but our work is far from over.”

A major accomplishment this session included the conservative state budget, signed by Governor Evers, which Democrats voted against. The 2019-2021 state budget increased access to affordable health care, cut taxes by more than $400 million, made historic investments in roads and schools and expanded worker training programs. Additionally issues like adoption, suicide prevention, mental health, and water quality were addressed through bipartisan task forces.

“I am focused on issues that bring people together unlike the governor who seems to focus only on Madison and Milwaukee,” said Rep. Dittrich. “Our state’s progress will not be hindered by a liberal governor who ignores rural Wisconsin, wants to expand welfare and increases spending. We cannot merely solve our state’s challenges by throwing more money at them. I am always ready to do the hard work of exploring positive solutions.”

During the final months of the legislative session, Rep. Dittrich looks forward to voting on bills promoting clean water and safe communities. She also hopes to advance legislation on workforce development and school safety.

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