Oconomowoc – Representative Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) issued the following statement in response to Governor Evers’ tyrannical actions in extending the “Safer at Home” order to May 26th: 

“For weeks I have been speaking with constituents who are furloughed employees, family-owned small business people, farmers, and average citizens who are distraught about the impact of this COVID-19 crisis. It has been my honor to reassure them while diplomatically working with the governor’s administration to assure public safety. We all want people safe and for the government action to be proportionate to the actual illness. However, at some point what was meant to stop the medical system from becoming overwhelmed has morphed into statistically unsupported missteps that are exacerbating the economic impact of this dilemma. The proportion of reaction to the coronavirus is completely inconsistent with the number of cases and losses in this state. We were originally told by Secretary-Designee Palm that we had the potential to reach as many as 1,500 deaths and 22,000 cases in Wisconsin by April 8th, yet that has not materialized. Meanwhile, our local hospitals and clinics are laying off healthcare workers as facilities remain at low occupancy. 

“Governor Evers has repeatedly recited, ‘THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE IS THE LAW OF THE LAND,’ since his installation. Yet, I would contend that the will of the citizens of the 38th Assembly District is being completely ignored. Constituents have stated that they believe the governor’s press conferences have shown him to be less than understanding of the plight of average citizens in this crisis. They share my belief that we can open up parts of the workforce with prudence and discretion. 

“Nevertheless, today the governor pushed beyond these limits to extend this state ‘Safer at Home’ order a month beyond its original date. As law enforcement officers in the district have repeatedly shared with me that their calls for suicide attempts, mental health crises, and domestic disputes have seriously escalated in this period of time, I believe the actions of this governor are tone deaf at best. The governor should hear the people in tears or anguish because they stand to financially lose everything they have worked so hard for because of his decisions. I support the people by standing against this overreach to the fullest extent of my legislative ability.”

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