Madison – Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) shared the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ veto of the Republican plan to cut taxes and return money to Wisconsinites:

“While not surprising, it is disappointing that the governor has vetoed the Republican plan for our budget surplus. In doing so he has refused to return taxpayer money to Wisconsinites as well as to pay down our debt. It is completely disingenuous for the governor to act like our schools have been ignored while refusing to give individuals the tax relief they deserve. It’s TAXPAYER money!”

In the latest biennial budget, Republicans increased state school aid 2.5% over base in the first year and 5.7% over base the second year. Additionally, this year the governor added approximately another $60 million in aid to schools in his line item veto acrobatics

According to UW’s Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy, “Nearly all taxpayers in the middle income range — about 940,000 filers — would get a tax cut under the [Republican] plan. More so, the study finds, low income tax filers would benefit most through after-tax income.”

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