Oconomowoc –Representative Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) responded Tuesday to the “Safe at Home” order issued by Gov. Evers:


“The wellbeing of Wisconsin residents and employers are always first and foremost in my mind.

I would like to start by thanking the grocers, first responders, medical caregivers, truckers, and other critical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. Since the emergence of this virus in Wisconsin, I have been vigilant in communicating with constituents and concerned stakeholders. Calming people’s nerves, connecting them to resources, and seeking answers to their questions has kept me working long hours on their behalf. People are very upset about the financial impact of closing schools and businesses as well as ethical implications on the elections scheduled for April 7th.


“Early on in the pandemic, I reached out to our superintendents in the 38th Assembly District to make certain they had the most up-to-date resources for their decision-making. We all want our children to be safe as well as educated during this crisis. Complaints regarding child care and lack of wages flooded in quickly once schools were ordered closed. Subsequently, restaurants and small businesses found themselves frustrated and in distress once additional orders were issued on March 17th. My role has been to clarify restrictions and find resources to keep our community businesses alive. My office worked quickly to create a drop-down menu just for resources related to COVID-19 on my website. Residents can access that list at http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/38/Dittrich in the upper banner of the page.”


“Throughout this process, Republicans in the state legislature have sought to work with the governor for the benefit of all Wisconsinites. There have been challenges with conveying correct information due to difficulties with getting accuracy and candor from the governor’s office. While it’s been disappointing and frustrating as I have worked to serve citizens, my hope is that this will improve in the days ahead. The people of Wisconsin deserve nothing less.”


“Additionally, I urge people to request an absentee ballot as soon as possible at https://MyVote.WI.gov to assure that their vote counts in the April 7th election. Many polling locations remain closed or open only intermittently for early voting because of this virus. There is currently a commitment to conduct the April 7th elections on time so that important municipal seats are filled in this time of crisis. Voting absentee is an easy way to make certain to participate.

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