Madison –Representative Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) took part, in-person, in the Assembly Extraordinary session in Madison on April 14th, passing the bi-partisan COVID-19 relief package. She made the following statement after voting in favor of the bill:

“Since the time the COVID-19 crisis became a state-level issue, I have been working extremely hard to engage with constituents as we all try to manage this crisis together. I have been hearing from individuals, families, and small businesses that are struggling in every corner of my district, and the state. The bill passed today will allow much needed federal dollars to make their way to Wisconsin as well as provide other relief mechanisms for our citizens.

The people of Wisconsin are hardworking individuals. While we make every attempt to “social distance”, preventing spreading this virus to our friends and neighbors, we also need relief during this troubling time. This bill will not only help our friends and neighbors now as we face this pandemic, but will also allow them to rebuild from a better position once we start to gain our ‘new normal’.

Make no mistake, this bill is the result of many hours of bipartisan negotiations; everything in the introduced bill was mutually agreed upon by both sides of the aisle and stakeholders. Like the state budget, this bill is encompassing. Being as such, there are certain elements that I support more than others. However, this bill will provide much needed relief for Wisconsinites, so I have voted in favor of it today.

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