Madison, WI – State Representative Cindi Duchow (R-Delafield) issued the following statement after protests in Madison turned violent and destructive:

The events that occurred last night in Madison were disgraceful and should be condemned entirely. The violence and vandalism that occurred during this riot crossed a line and go beyond an individual’s First Amendment rights to peacefully protest. Governor Evers needs to step up and be the leader Wisconsinites expect and deserve. This governor has continued to choose inaction and silence which further enables destruction and violence.

Last night, two statues that represent the best of Wisconsin were torn down. The first was of Colonel Hans Christian Heg, a staunch abolitionist who served and died in support of the Union Army during the Civil War. The second was Wisconsin’s famous Forward statue, which serves as a representation of Wisconsin’s commitment to progress.

Additionally, a State Senator was physically assaulted by rioters while he was outside the Capitol documenting the destruction. This sort of violence must not be tolerated. We must continue to protect our capitol building and those who work in it.

I am calling on Governor Evers to take decisive action to protect the safety and property of those in our capital city. Governor Evers must mobilize the National Guard to assist local and Capitol police who have been unable to curb the destruction that Madison has seen for the past several weeks.

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