Madison, WI- Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) released the following statement after Governor Evers’ declaration of a State of Emergency Due to Civil Unrest:


“Yesterday afternoon, I sent Governor Evers a letter imploring him to deploy the Wisconsin National Guard last night to protect our communities from potential chaos and destruction.

While the Governor did deploy the National Guard in Kenosha County at the request of local officials, there were not enough guardsmen to prevent a devastating amount of destruction. Additionally, there was no National Guard presence in Madison, where the Capitol and surrounding businesses suffered damage, just as the businesses who survived the repeated attacks from earlier this summer were finally recovering and preparing to take down the plywood protecting their windows.

I am glad to see Governor Evers did call for an increased National Guard presence earlier today… although it does nothing for the people who lost their livelihoods and the communities that were burned last night. It seems the Governor is learning his lesson that if he fans the flames of violence with his rhetoric, it will be everyday Wisconsinites who end up paying the price, while he sleeps peacefully in his gated mansion guarded by the State Patrol.

Since Governor Evers’ Emergency Order does not specify that Madison will receive help as well, I would like to be very clear and reiterate that the Capitol, the seat of our state’s heritage and history, deserves protection. The Governor’s lack of expedience has caused one tragedy to snowball into a chaotic mess of consequences. I can only hope that tonight has a different outcome for communities across our state.”

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