(Madison) – Following Vice President Pence’s visit to the Wisconsin State Capitol and speech regarding school choice, State Representative Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie), a member of the Assembly Committee on Education, released the following statement:

It is a true honor for the Wisconsin State Capitol to host the Vice President of the United States. However, I am disappointed that the Vice President used his visit to tout charter schools. Propping up for-profit schools with taxpayer money- money that should be going to maintain a strong public school system- is not sustainable.

A strong public educational system is the bedrock of our society. Ensuring our schoolchildren have a strong educational foundation will help create the leaders of tomorrow and allow them to solve the problems of the future. They cannot do that if money for public education is being siphoned off to pay for private schools. Parents have the right to choose to send their children to private schools, but Wisconsin taxpayers should not be financially responsible for that decision. Wisconsin simply cannot afford two separate school systems.

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