(Sun Prairie) – On May 27, precisely two weeks after the Supreme Court of Wisconsin overturned Governor Evers’ safer-at-home extension, Wisconsin reported the most single day new COVID-19 cases as well as single day new COVID-19 deaths. Rep. Gary Hebl released the following statement in response:

While we obviously don’t have enough data to prove causality, it is not hard to correlate the end of the safer-at-home order and an increase in cases and deaths. COVID-19 has up to a two-week incubation period so we could now be seeing the increases in cases due to the partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court overturning Governor Evers’ safer-at-home extension. 

What has the Republican Party done in response to the end of the safer-at-home order? They have used their legislative majority to do…absolutely nothing. They sit on their thumbs and wait for Governor Evers to do something so that they can complain about it. They like to often remind us that the Legislature is a co-equal branch of government with the Governor. However, since the pandemic began, they have shrunk into the background, unwilling to do what is necessary for fear of upsetting the business lobbies that fund their campaigns. They are accepting death in exchange for being able to continue to accept corporate election financing.

 We absolutely must do what is necessary to protect the health and safety of Wisconsinites. We cannot sit back and accept death of our Wisconsin residents. Republicans in the legislative majority should work with Governor Evers’ administration to try to figure out what will work best for our residents.

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