MADISON – This week the Wisconsin State Assembly met for the last time this session. Assembly Republican leadership decided to close the day without taking up many priorities important to the people of Wisconsin. Representative Dianne Hesselbein (D-Middleton) expressed her disappointment with the lack of progress made on issues important to Wisconsinites:

“We came into this legislative session last year, hopeful, that with a new governor in the East Wing of the State Capitol there would be a chance to move Wisconsin forward on the priorities voters expressed in the 2018 election. It became clear early on that the Republicans would spend this entire legislative session playing political games in an attempt to block our popular governor. Instead of working with Governor Evers and Democrats, the Republicans made it their main motive to oppose any progress even when the people of Wisconsin overwhelmingly support our objectives.

“I am particularly disappointed that the Republicans did not allow any debate on non-partisan redistricting reform. We know the gerrymandered Republican majority is cemented in their power, but to not even allow a public hearing on a policy 72% of Wisconsinites support is undemocratic to the core. My Democratic colleagues and I tried to bring an amendment to the floor to implement a non-partisan redistricting process. Sadly the Republicans, looking forward to their reelection chances, voted against our amendment.

“Education is another issue that we did not give enough attention to this session. Investing in public education is the best thing we can do as a state to increase opportunity. We had the chance to support our schools and restore the Republican cuts to K-12 education from Governor Evers’ budget. Republicans made the choice to turn their backs on our students, parents, educators, and administrators.

“There are many other issues that were left on the table this legislative session. I can only hope that in the next year my Republican colleagues hear from the people of Wisconsin that share my disappointment in the lack of action on important issues this session.”

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