MADISON – Wisconsin State Assembly Assistant Democratic Leader Dianne Hesselbein released the following statement regarding the murder of George Floyd:

The death of Minnesota citizen George Floyd has resulted in people standing up and demanding justice through peaceful protest. The frustrations within our communities of color are rooted in centuries of racism, both apparent and frequently invisible.

Communities of color across the state of Wisconsin routinely face threats and fear in their daily lives. They are tired, they are mourning, and they are fearful. We must listen, offer support, and work for real change in each of our hearts through our actions. We must reflect on the traumas of the past and confront racism at all levels.

As a community, we must work together, every single day, to reform the broken system of justice our society constructed. Furthermore, we must act to redefine the status quo and create needed changes in policy.

I join my colleagues in calling for comprehensive diversity and inclusion training for law enforcement officers across the state, equity in arrests and sentencing for people of color, and the establishment of independent review processes for police misconduct.

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