MADISON – Assembly Democratic Leader Representative Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement in support of Governor Evers’ call to increase election access and safety by sending every registered voter in Wisconsin an absentee ballot.

 “Every decision and non-decision made during this global pandemic has consequences. It is important that lawmakers do everything possible to best preserve the foundations of who we are and what we must maintain to move forward and continue during this crisis. 

“Our democracy is built on equal access to the ballot box. During this public health crisis, too many Wisconsinites will be faced with the impossible choice between their health and their constitutionally protected right to vote. Poll workers, clerks and local leaders around are looking for answers from state government on how to hold the upcoming elections in a safe, fair manner. While delaying the election until the state can move to mail only balloting would be my preference, I understand that even that action has consequences and lacks the immediate support necessary to happen in time for the April 7 election.

“I’m appreciative that Governor Evers is proposing solutions to ensure that as many people as possible can safely vote in our elections on April 7th. We now need Republican leadership to step up and recognize that acting to best protect our democracy and keep people safe is both necessary and possible.”

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