MADISON – Today, legislative Democrats introduced LRB-5972 which would move all elections in calendar year 2020 to voting by mail in order to preserve voter rights while keeping voters and poll workers safe. With upcoming elections fast approaching, Democratic leaders voiced their urgency in getting this important legislation done as soon as possible. They released the following statement:

“What we witnessed on April 7th at polling places across Wisconsin was a tragedy, and worse, an avoidable tragedy. Forcing people to make the impossible choice between risking their health and exercising their right to vote is one of the most cynical things I’ve seen during my time in public service,” Rep. Hintz stated. “During this public health crisis, it is important that we preserve and protect the fundamentals of our democracy. We need to act urgently to maximize voter accessibility. Moving to a Vote by Mail system will protect our democracy and keep Wisconsinites safe.”

 “We cannot allow the confusion and fear that surrounded the 2020 Spring Election to happen again,” Rep. Spreitzer said. “Deciding now to move our elections to vote by mail for the rest of the year will give state and local officials time to plan and execute a safe, smooth, and secure election. While thousands of Wisconsinites already voted by mail in the Spring Election, it is clear that we must reinforce and improve our system ahead of the November Presidential Election. It is critical that we invest the time and resources to ensure that Wisconsinites can exercise their right to vote without risking their health.” 

“I have always said voting should be easy and accessible for everyone,” said Rep. Hesselbein. “Voting by mail is the best solution we have moving forward considering the public health and safety of all Wisconsinites. We have this time prior to the next election to fine tune a system that does not endanger anyone wanting to practice their right to vote. This week’s election was a wake up call that we need to ensure our democracy works for everyone even in the midst of a pandemic.” 

“On April 7th, Wisconsinites were forced to go out and risk their health and safety in order to vote. With the COVID-19 pandemic having no end in sight, our communities deserve to feel safe when participating in the most basic tenet of democracy. The decision to hold an in-person election during this tough time amounted to nothing short of a large public health risk as well as a huge blow to voter participation.” said Rep. Doyle. “Moving to a vote by mail system will ensure each and every voter in Wisconsin is safe while participating in their civic duty. The people of Wisconsin want to see their elected officials work together to solve this crisis, not prolong it.”

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