Mukwonago, WI—In light of Governor Evers recent statewide mask mandate Rep. Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) issued the following statement:

“I would like to share my extreme opposition to this mandate from Gov. Evers. Although, I am not surprised by his actions as they are consistent with his pattern of saying one and thing and doing another (e.g. closing restaurants, closing schools, the spring election, statewide lockdown), I am enraged with today’s announcement.

Wearing a mask is a personal choice. It is simply not the government’s role to tell you to wear a piece of fabric.

Businesses that wish to require masks at their establishments are free do to so on their private property.

Furthermore, there is no empirical evidence that cloth masks, which are what the majority of people are wearing, are actually having a positive impact.

The timing of this mandate is highly suspect. In this purely political move Gov. Evers has waited to enforce his mandate until the day after a conservative justice leaves the bench of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Finally, I have great concern about the enforcement of this mandate. This type of policy will only turn neighbor against neighbor.  Our law enforcement professionals are already handling an unprecedented level of cases-it is simply ridiculous to ask them to be the mask police as well. A $200 forfeiture is not just. That is real money coming out of real families pockets all across our state. Many of these folks have lost their jobs and their businesses at the hand of Gov. Evers and now to add insult to injury he is charging them a forfeiture as well.

I am irate at the state of affairs in Wisconsin today and I call on Wisconsinites across the state to reach out to their elected officials.”

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