Mukwonago, WI—Governor Evers has levied yet another unjust indictment of the Wisconsin business community with his forthcoming response to an open records request his office received. Rep Horlacher issued the following statement in response to Gov. Evers’ actions:

“Gov. Evers’ unconstitutional executive orders are just a part of his relentless efforts to disrupt business in Wisconsin under the guise of public health. This latest flip-flip is yet another example of his track record of saying one thing and doing another.  He has already shut down our economy this year and as we face one of the worst economic times of our lifetimes he creates a public shame scheme.

Businesses can employ all the precautions and provide all the essential supplies to keep patrons and employees safe and still have positive COVID-19 tests come back. We cannot control who will contract the virus. We should not expect businesses to be responsible for all the decisions their patrons and employees make while not engaged with the business.

I am concerned about the constitutional issues with HIPAA violations as it relates to small businesses that are likely to be named in these baseless attacks.

It is truly tragic that Gov. Evers would rather play the blame game than lead.”

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