Washington, DC— In a Friday night news dump, the Administration seems to have finally admitted to what we have already known: that the tariffs aren’t working. The Trump Administration announced an increase in tariffs on derivative steel products by an additional 25 percent and derivative aluminum products by an additional 10 percent.

“These additional tariffs are proof that the Administration’s original policy goal of using tariffs to get their way isn’t working. Instead, they are doubling down on yet another example of unneeded trade escalation that will only result in more taxes on Wisconsin’s businesses, farmers, workers, and families,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “Congress must reassert its constitutionally-granted power in our nation’s trade policy, the White House has proven that they cannot be trusted to negotiate on their own.”

Following the initial round of steel and aluminum tariffs, Rep. Ron Kind called on Congress to hold hearings on the impacts of the tariffs. Last year, Rep. Kind introduced bipartisan, bicameral legislation that would reassert Congressional authority over trade and tariff policy.

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