Madison, WI – Today, three bills authored by State Representative Bob Kulp (R-Stratford) passed the State Assembly.

Assembly Bill 31 provides state funding for Wisconsin’s farm tractor Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) Rebate program. The ROPS program helps farmers retrofit their tractors with a structure that keeps the driver safe in the event of a rollover.

“Farming is a dangerous occupation and tractor rollovers are a leading cause of accidental death on farms. The bill will result in more farm tractors being retrofitted, and help prevent injury and death from occurring. Improving workplace safety for farmers and making safety features affordable is the right thing to do. The bi-partisan support for the bill demonstrates that farm safety is an issue that everyone supports,” said Rep. Kulp.

The bill is awaiting a floor vote in the Senate.

Senate Bill 489 paves the way for increased participation in clinical trials by allowing those who participate to be reimbursed for expenses related to the cancer clinical trial. The bill also clarifies that organizations and others may offer financial support to patients to cover ancillary costs through their support of a reimbursement entity or program.

“Approximately 20 percent of cancer clinical trials fail due to insufficient patient enrollment, and participation in a clinical trial frequently involves a lot of travel to medical appointments. Our bill will help cancer patients who don’t have the personal funds to cover out-of-pocket expenses like gas mileage and hotel stays during their treatment, but who want to participate in a clinical trial,” said Kulp.

The bill previously passed the Senate with bi-partisan support, and it will now head to the Governor for final action.

Senate Bill 613 creates provisions relating to the determination of whether a breach of peace occurs when collateral or leased goods are repossessed by the creditor. Specifically, the bill clarifies how a breach of the peace should be evaluated by looking at the behavior of the merchant.

“The proliferation of claims relating to breach of the peace based on a consumer’s objection has occurred throughout the state. This bill will allow lenders and repossession agents to perform their jobs without the fear of facing litigation based on after the fact claims of protest or objection,” said Kulp.

The bill previously passed the Senate, and it will now head to the Governor for final action.

“I am thankful that the legislature has recognized the importance of these bills which will benefit constituents in my district and others throughout the state,” said Kulp

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