Madison, WI – It ended in less than two months, but the men and women who served in
Operation Desert Storm still feel its impact nearly three decades later. This Tuesday,
Representatives from both sides of the aisle came together to honor Wisconsin’s Gulf War
veterans with the passage of Assembly Joint Resolution 127.
The proposal brought back a lot of memories for Representative Tony Kurtz, the author of the
Joint Resolution and a veteran of the conflict.
“I had the pleasure of serving with fine people from all over the United States, including my wife
Kim,” recalled Rep. Kurtz. “More than 10,000 Wisconsinites helped liberate Kuwait from
Saddam Hussein’s forces, and ten Wisconsin soldiers lost their lives. My colleagues and I want
to honor those who served along with their families.”
More than 700,000 Americans served in Operation Desert Storm, which pushed back against
Iraqi regional aggression. The National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial will be
completed next year to honor those who served.

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