Madison – Today, a bill authored by Representative Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) and Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) passed the State Senate with bipartisan support.

Assembly Bill 472 grants the same exemptions that exist currently for joint fire departments for the creation and operation of a joint emergency medical services (EMS) district. This would allow local municipalities to form a joint EMS district, without forming a joint fire department. The intent of the law is to allow communities to band together, when appropriate, to potentially provide a higher level of fire protection and/or emergency medical services at a lower cost than would be possible for them to provide on their own.

“Local communities are not only struggling to maintain adequate staff for fire and EMS services, they must also provide adequate resources for apparatus, tools, gear, training, fuel and other items needed to remain operational. In many cases cost-savings can be achieved by sharing high cost equipment and personnel among neighboring communities,” said Loudenbeck.

The bill passed the Assembly in October and now heads to the Governor for final action.

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