Madison – Today, two bills authored by State Representative Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) passed the State Assembly with bipartisan support.

Assembly Bill 737 removes the limit on the number of schools a student can apply to under open enrollment for applications to a virtual charter school. Current law allows a family to apply for open enrollment to a maximum of three districts within a school year. The law does not allow for any accommodations/additional applications if a student is denied admittance into all three of the districts to which they applied.

“This bill was brought to my attention by the Elkhorn Area School District administrator. Virtual school options are numerous in Wisconsin, which was not the case in 1999 when the three school limit was established. This bill will allow pupils with disciplinary problems or complex behavioral/medical challenges to receive appropriate education services,” said Loudenbeck.

The bill is awaiting a floor vote in the Senate.

Senate Bill 485 will allow non-profit organizations and municipalities to apply for lake and river management grant funds for the strategic placement of floating treatment wetlands (FTWs) to improve surface water quality under a DNR issued Individual Permit. Industry experts have stated that a 250 square foot floating island has a concentrated effect, with a functional value equal to up to one acre of natural wetland surface area.

“Floating treatment wetlands are not new, or untested. The technology is passive but the impact is powerful. I hope water quality groups in the 31st Assembly District will consider FTW technology to reduce impacts of excess nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus in our local lakes and lagoons,” said Loudenbeck.

The bill will now head to the Governor for final action.

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