Madison…Governor Evers addressed the Wisconsin Legislature in his State of the State
Address yesterday evening. Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the
following statement:

“Despite our repeated efforts to work with the Governor, he has consistently relied on
vetoes and partial vetoes to strong arm the legislature, instead of negotiating,” said Rep.

“We’ve made great strides this session towards building a better Wisconsin,” continued
Rep. Macco. “We have provided income tax relief, invested in education, and protected
our elderly. Taxes are down, wages are up, and roads are being repaired. Those are just
a few of the many victories delivered by the legislature.”

“It’s disappointing that the Governor feels the need to take credit for our work. The
income tax relief that the Governor is so proud of, is something he vetoed earlier this
session. It only happened because it was later included in our budget and follow on
bills. The state of our state is strong, thanks to the legislature,” concluded Rep. Macco.

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