“This afternoon, I was proud to join in the State Assembly’s first ever virtual session in order to address the serious problems facing our state due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This pandemic has tragically taken many lives in our state, and all of us have had our day-to-day routines altered to limit the spread of the virus.


“Today we were able to pass a broad, bipartisan package of changes to help Wisconsinites during this difficult time, including removing the one-week waiting period for unemployment benefits. This will get funds more quickly to families who need it, and along with other changes, will allow Wisconsin access to additional federal unemployment dollars. This was not a perfect piece of legislation by any means. There are provisions in the bill that I have previously opposed. However, compromise was essential to pass this bill, and it is critical that we act now to get Wisconsinites the help that they need.


“This package was an important first step, but it is clear that we have more much work to do in the future as we continue to navigate this crisis. I look forward to continuing to discuss with my constituents and my colleagues additional ways we can come together to help our healthcare system, our workers, and our small businesses during this pandemic and in the months and years ahead.”

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