“I am grateful to the many healthcare workers, working families, small businesses, and many others who have sacrificed so much to keep our community safe during the coronavirus pandemic by practicing social distancing, staying at home when possible, and taking precautions to keep our community safe.

“Today, Governor Evers issued an executive order to delay tomorrow’s elections to protect the health and well-being of Wisconsinites as we enter what health experts believe to be the beginning of the peak weeks of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This order followed Gov. Evers’ request for a special session of the legislature to delay the election, and provide provisions for mail ballot access for all Wisconsinites. Republican leadership in the legislature declined to do so, gaveling out of the special session in mere seconds.

“Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled the Governor’s Executive Order. Many Wisconsinites will now be forced to choose between their health and safety and their constitutional right to vote. If you choose to vote tomorrow, please exercise extreme caution for yourself and for others.

“In addition, last week a federal judge issued a decision that permitted the many Wisconsinites who had requested a ballot until April 13th to return their ballot to the right location to ensure access to the ballot for all Wisconsinites during this difficult time. Today, the United States Supreme Court overruled this decision, effectively disenfranchising thousands of Wisconsin voters.

In times of crisis, it is essential that partisanship and personal preferences give way to protect the health of our citizens and our democracy. It is deeply troubling that the conservative majorities on our highest courts and in our state’s legislature will now force Wisconsin families to choose between keeping their family safe and healthy and their right to vote.”

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