Madison – On Tuesday, Representative Beth Meyers (D-Bayfield) was re-elected unanimously by her colleagues to the position of Assembly Democratic Caucus Secretary. Rep. Meyers issued the following statement:

“I’m grateful that my colleagues have once again elected me to this position. Throughout my time at the Assembly, I have become a better and more engaged legislator thanks to the faith and support of my fellow Assembly Democrats. I will continue to serve in my role with professionalism and thoughtfulness, and I’m grateful that Northern Wisconsin will be represented on the leadership team.

“It has been a tough election season, and I’m relieved and excited to return to the Assembly Democratic Caucus, a body has grown in number and diversity since I was first elected to represent the 74th District in 2014. I look forward to working alongside old friends, and I could not be more pleased to welcome so many new voices.”

The Democratic Caucus Secretary acknowledges milestone events for members and staff, assists the Caucus Chair and Vice Chair, and mentors new legislators and staff.

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