The Trump Administration unveiled a budget for the 2021 fiscal year that includes severe cuts to critical programs and initiatives that Americans rely on. In response, Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:

“Trump’s budget exposes his lies to the American people, his cruelty towards our most vulnerable, and his stunning duplicity. This past weekend, he promised to not cut Social Security and Medicare. When disregarding his rhetoric and focusing on his actions, this promise once again, rings hollow.

His budget reveals his blatant disregard for Americans’ needs to put food on the table, and to access affordable housing, health care and education. It ignores the economic conditions that are forcing millions of Americans to work multiple jobs, including low wage jobs, to survive. And as a result, if these proposals were adopted, more struggling Americans would likely remain shackled to the indignities of poverty.

For many, America is a land of opportunity because we often provide a hand-up to those trying to better themselves. Trump’s budget closes the doors of opportunity on those desperately seeking to step inside.

I went from welfare to Congress. Programs like SNAP and TRIO helped me when I hit tough spots in life, like we all do. I shudder thinking about how many other families that share my background will be left behind because of this budget.

At a time when we should be emphasizing education, TRIO programs would be combined with other programs in a block grant, resulting in fewer resources to serve low-income students who need academic and other support to finish college. On top of the other pending proposals that would cut millions in food aid, SNAP would again, face deep cuts that would leave our most vulnerable hungrier. The HOME program, devoted to expanding access to affordable housing would be eliminated. Funding critical to improving the lives of Americans with chronic diseases and illnesses would be slashed.

A budget reveals a President’s priorities. And this Administration’s cuts show their cruel indifference to the Americans’ needs and their willingness to turn their back on the American people. Thank goodness House Democrats will work to stop them in their tracks. I will continue standing in opposition to these heartless cuts and work to create a budget that puts the American people first.”

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