Madison–State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette), Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Finance, released the following statement after a new LFB memo shows the extent of the tax increase on the agriculture industry that Governor Evers proposed and Democrats continue to push:

“Governor Evers’ special session on agriculture is a lesson in Madison’s liberal ideology. Raise taxes on the industry you are claiming to help. In return, grow the government to tell that industry how to operate their own business,” said Rep. Nygren. “Republicans instead trust our farmers and passed legislation to let them keep more of their own money.”

“If Governor Evers cared about our dairy industry, he and the Democrats wouldn’t be pushing a $30.9 million per year tax increase on dairy product manufacturers,” said Rep. Nygren. “A memo from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) confirms that the Democrats plans would harm our dairy industry.”

In January, Governor Evers called a special session on agriculture and, as a part of that call, $600,000 per year was proposed for grants to help dairy processors. The recent LFB analysis and memo confirms that Democrat’s plans would raise taxes by over $30 million on dairy product manufacturers and in return, the government would choose a select few of them to return $600,000.

“Governor Evers proposed a budget that raised taxes by over $1 billion,” said Rep. Nygren. “The taxpayers should not forget that it included a massive tax increase on our agriculture industry, including dairy. The Democrats are continuing to push this tax increase in Madison. In return, after Governor Evers raises taxes on agriculture manufacturers, he is promising to hire an army of government bureaucrats to travel the state and tell farmers how to farm.”

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