MADISON, Wis. – Earlier today, the Assembly passed Assembly Bill 1038 during an Extraordinary Session as the state’s first response to address the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Representative Sondy Pope (D-Mt. Horeb) issued the following statement:

“I remain hopeful that the Legislature will continue to work to address this public health crisis. Our work today must not be the end of the state’s response. It is our duty as Legislators to take further action in protecting our democracy and the well-being of our citizens’ health, safety, and economic security. The amendments Democrats offered today would have addressed these issues but Speaker Vos refused to consider them.”

“Though the Republicans’ lack of bipartisanship is no surprise, what is most disappointing is their response to this pandemic in both urgency and content. While this bill begins to address the state’s needs, it does little to provide additional protection and compensation for frontline workers, provides no new resources for public health initiatives, and does nothing to assist families with child care, food security, and utility and housing payments.”

“Wisconsin can no longer afford to move at the Republicans’ pace or proceed with their lack of caution which was on full display in the recent election. We need meaningful action in the form of additional tools, resources, and flexibility to keep up with this ever-evolving, unprecedented situation. I, along with my Democratic colleagues, will continue to work on solutions, and stand ready to further address the needs of our citizens during this trying time.”

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