MADISON- State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) issued the following statement reacting to Governor Evers implementing a statewide, mandatory mask order:

“I am again extremely disappointed by the actions of Gov. Evers. Yet another draconian act by a Governor who has previously displayed a complete disregard for individual liberty,” Rep. Ramthun stated. “He and his administration talk about the need to ensure public health, but this goes beyond that. This is blatant government overreach, and is about more than just masks.”

“The Governor implemented this order without taking into account the massive backlog of negative COVID-19 test reporting around our state. He also is trying to circumvent the Legislature again, as he did with the Safer at Home order,” Rep. Ramthun continued. “At best, Gov. Evers and his administration are working with inaccurate data. At worst, he is pushing fear and control to keep the chaos alive.”

The Representative added, “I am completely opposed to this order, it cannot be allowed to stand. I will be very supportive of any joint resolution to overturn it should a special session be called. I simply want this overturned as quickly as possible.”

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