MADISON- State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) issued the following statement:

The people of Wisconsin recognize and appreciate common sense. Here’s a response I received in regards to my latest e-update about reopening Wisconsin, which was published in several area newspapers:

“Just read your guest column in our Washington County paper. Dang, you nailed it. What you said, and have been doing, makes so much common sense. Not taking an alarmist angle. Not taking a political angle. So sad that common sense has been sacrificed and the common good of ALL Wisconsinites has taken a back seat to political agendas.”

“I’ve sent several, very reasonable letters to the governor. I don’t expect responses, but the general communications he and his staff send out sound more like excuses and whining, rather than a willingness to work with ALL, not just those that think like them. Please keep doing what you’re doing. The good citizens of this state, which is around 99%, need that. And need you.”

These words deeply moved me and echo a sentiment many in our state share, that Wisconsin is experiencing a crisis in leadership. It became clearly evident that Governor Evers failed our state with the severe government overreach committed by his administration in response to COVID-19. The collateral damage to businesses, families, and livelihoods from Safer at Home and poor state agency response is now being fully realized.

People have low expectations when it comes to Gov. Evers’ responsiveness and decision-making.  They are looking for a leader, and are not finding one. An effective governor, regardless of party, would willingly and proactively work with the Legislature and all relevant stakeholders to hammer out real solutions to pressing concerns.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin does not have that.

You can find my previous e-update here, or by going to my website.

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