MADISON– Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement announcing endorsements from 17 Dane County Board Supervisors, for her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District:

“Today I am proud to announce campaign endorsements from 17 dedicted Dane County Board Supervisors,” said Sargent. “These individuals have been incredible leaders on the local level for Dane County, and have continued making great strides forward for Dane County communities and their constituents.”

The Dane County Board Supervisors who have endorsed Melissa Sargent for State Senate are as follows:

  • Supervisor Elizabeth Doyle (District 1)

  • Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner (District 2)

  • Supervisor Richard Kilmer (District 4)

  • Supervisor Hayley Young (District 5)

  • Supervisor Yogesh Chawla (District 6)

  • Supervisor Matt Veldran (District 7)

  • Supervisor Carousel Bayrd (District 8)

  • Supervisor Paul Nelson (District 9)

  • Supervisor Paul Rusk (District 12)

  • Supervisor Chuck Erickson (District 13)

  • Supervisor Kristen Audet (District 17)

  • Supervisor Michelle Ritt (District 18)

  • Supervisor Andy Schauer (District 21)

  • Supervisor Shelia Stubbs (District 23)

  • Supervisor Jerry Bollig (District 31)

  • Supervisor Patrick Miles (District 34)

  • Supervisor Carl Chenoweth (District 35)

“It is my honor to be endorsed by these 17 Dane County Board Supervisors. From McFarland to Madison, these Supervisors have demonstrated their dedication and expertise to Dane County. I’m very thankful to be receiving an endorsement from an exceptional group of people who also work hard for the Dane County area, and the state as a whole. I look forward to continuing these partnerships and being a voice for local needs in the State Senate,” said Sargent.

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