MADISON– Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement announcing an endorsement for her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District:


“I am proud to be sharing an endorsement from Fatou Ceesay today. Fatou has brought warmth and compassion to many families in Dane County. Quality care is crucial for all people of our communities, and I am thankful for Fatou’s support,” said Sargent.


Fatou Ceesay is the manager and owner of Cairasu Home Care in Madison. Fatou has run Cairasu Home Care for over seven years. In addition to the success of Cairasu Home Care, Fatou has been an Alzheimer’s Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association for over six years. As an ambassador, Fatou advocates and works directly with congressional representatives, including Mark Pocan’s office, to implement federal advocacy activities at the community level. Her leadership role has been critical in helping the Alzheimer’s Association reach its goals in the federal legislature.


“Melissa recognizes the compassionate, personalized attention needed to be a good leader. She is always more than willing to work with constituents and fight for them, always putting their needs first. This type of leadership brings the most effective change, and Melissa has been exceptional at working to keep moving Wisconsin forward in the Assembly. She truly is the champion of listening and working for the people, and I know that with her sincerity and determination she will continue to lead us well in the State Senate,” said Ceesay.


“It is an honor to be receiving this support from Fatou,” said Sargent. “Fatou’s kindness and integrity has taken care of so many families in Dane County, and I am grateful to be receiving an endorsement from her.”

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