MADISON– Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement announcing an endorsement from Dane County Supervisor Carousel Bayrd, for her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District:


“Today I am proud  to announce an endorsement from Dane County Supervisor Carousel Bayrd” said Sargent. “Carousel is an outstanding leader with years of experience lifting up the voices of others. From her work as a civil rights attorney litigating employment and housing discrimination cases in Madison, to her dedicated County Board service, Carousel continues to work for fairness, equity, and justice,” said Sargent.


“Melissa is one of the hardest workers that I have had the pleasure to know. She is always ready to roll up her sleeves and solve problems, and has the track record to prove it. Further, her vision is admirable, as she continues to fight to ensure that all people have a chance to succeed and get ahead. She is the leader we need to get things done,” said Bayrd.


“I am proud to be endorsed by Carousel,” Sargent said. “Carousel’s service on behalf of our community is both extensive and impressive, and I am truly grateful for her support. In addition to being an incredible mom, attorney, and Supervisor, she continues to be an outspoken voice for housing rights, anti-discrimination efforts, and women’s rights. It is an honor to have her support in my candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District.”

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