MADISON – Representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement congratulating Reverend Doctor Carmen Porco for receiving the Wisconsin State Assembly Hometown Hero award:

 “Today it was my distinct honor to recognize Reverend Doctor Carmen Porco as the Hometown Hero from the 48th Assembly District. Carmen Porco is greatly deserving of the Hometown Hero award for his incredible dedication to addressing housing needs here in Wisconsin, and for his work within low-income communities. Rev. Porco has selflessly dedicated his life and work to fighting for just and equal opportunities, and has changed the lives of many.

 Not only has he significantly improved the lives of many here in Madison through his work, but he has dedicated himself to improving the economic well-being of Wisconsin as a whole, and his Anti-Poverty Model has been influential nationally used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Carmen and his business focuses on providing organizations and individuals access to the resources, information, and ideas necessary for growth and development, and for the establishment of strong communities. For over 40 years, he has worked to build partnerships, and establish systems and practices, that invest in growth and development, ongoing innovation, and leadership development in our state.

 In addition, Carmen has constructed the critical Wisconsin Anti-Poverty Model that has been implemented in 805 units of Section 8 housing in Milwaukee and Madison. The model offers unique resources, programs and services, and opportunities for low-income communities. Carmen’s work is more than just affordable housing— he provides community learning centers, education programs, and tenant jobs running the apartment complex. The data shows that those who lived in his housing units have had greater high school graduation rates and greater rates of these graduates pursing higher education at a college or university, as compared to overall graduation and higher education rates in both Madison and Milwaukee.

 In short, his work and dedication to Wisconsin communities has been nothing less than life-changing, and I am proud to honor his service to our state. I am pleased to recognize him as an Assembly Hometown Hero. Thank you Doctor Reverend Porco!”

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