Madison – Representative Michael Schraa (R-Oshkosh) praises the Assembly Extraordinary Session to address issues brought about by the health emergency.

Many constituents have been concerned about their Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims. Today we voted to eliminate the one week waiting period retroactively to claims after March 12 in order to help our citizens and capture federal dollars.

The bill also makes numerous adjustment to Medicaid to capture federal dollars. Additionally, certain licensing and insurance requirements are adjusted to allow out-of-state and former health professionals to work during the emergency.

Under the bill, insurance policies that cover other tests for infectious disease must also cover testing for COVID-10. Insurers may not discriminate against people with a diagnosis of COVID-19 and must, under certain circumstances, be provide out-of-network health care at in-network rates.

Pharmacies may provide early refills without prior authorization, up to a 90 day supply, unless it is a controlled substance. Pharmacists may extend certain prescriptions for 30 days.

Schools will have flexibilities in consideration of closures which make it impossible to fulfill statutory requirements.

This medical emergency has greatly affected business in Wisconsin. WEDC will report on a plan to help major businesses in the state to deal with the financial implications of the health emergency.

$75 million has been allocated in preparation for future, unforeseen complications.

I am pleased with the provisions of this bipartisan bill. This is a time for legislators to work together for the good of the state as a whole.

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