Madison… Today the Joint Legislative Council approved the creation of the Study Committee on Public Disclosure and Oversight of Child Abuse and Neglect Incidents. The Council also appointed Representative Pat Snyder (R-Schofield) as Chairman of the committee, and Senator Kathy Bernier (R- Chippewa Falls) as Vice-Chair. Following his appointment, Rep. Snyder made the following statement:

“It’s truly an honor to be appointed as Chairman of this study committee. Ensuring the well-being of children is one of the most important duties of our state; it is critical that we continuously evaluate our state’s response to incidents of child abuse and neglect to better support the health and security of our kids.” 

As approved by the Joint Legislative Council, the study committee is tasked with examining the requirements created by 2009 Wisconsin Act 78, and analyzing whether those requirements provide an effective mechanism for public disclosure and legislative oversight of certain egregious incidents of child abuse or neglect and certain reports of abuse of children placed in out-of-home care.

 “This study committee will provide an opportunity to evaluate whether the Legislature and public have the tools needed to evaluate our state’s response to these tragic incidents of child abuse and neglect.” Rep. Snyder added. “I look forward to working with my colleagues and stakeholders to pursue the best possible outcomes for kids here in Wisconsin.” 

Study committees are created to examine specific topics during the second year of the legislative session. Legislators and members of the public sit on the committees, which are operated by the nonpartisan service agency, the Legislative Council. The application for public members will become available on the Legislative Council website in the coming days.

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