Madison… Representative Pat Snyder (R- Schofield) issued a statement today regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging individuals to take precautions relating to the virus.

“Our state has been facing this virus for eight months now, and unfortunately the current outlook is bleak. Hospitals in our area are facing extremely limited ICU bed capacity, taking away from both our COVID-19 response capabilities, but also the ability to respond to other incidents like car accidents, heart attacks, etc.” Rep. Snyder said.

As of Wednesday, November 11th, there were over 2,100 patients hospitalized in Wisconsin that have COVID-19. Wausau area hospitals, like many across the state, are facing shortages of critical resources including staff, many of which have needed to quarantine due to contracting the virus from work or community spread.

“I am fortunate to have an inside look at the challenges facing our healthcare facilities, because my wife is a nurse,” Rep. Snyder added. “This virus is not something to be taken lightly. In order to give our hospitals and clinics the ability to catch up, we need to exercise caution in our interactions, and take simple steps to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community. I encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines.

“In America we pride ourselves on personal responsibility and freedom; I will never advocate for taking that away. But in America we also seek to protect ourselves, love our neighbors, and safeguard our families. While the virus cannot be seen, we must treat it as a threat, the same way we do with visible enemies.

“Finally, I want to remind individuals not to forego needed medical treatment. Hospitals and clinics are maintaining a safe environment for those without COVID-19 to receive critical medical care, as well. And to our healthcare workers, my sincerest gratitude for your perseverance during this challenging time.”


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