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MADISON – Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) is looking forward to another year of a strong economy, low taxes, and smart budgeting that funds Wisconsin’s priorities, thanks to a Republican-lead legislature that has successfully kept Governor Evers’ far-left agenda in check. However, during his annual State of the State address this evening, Evers doubled-down on his partisan approach to governing.

“The work we’ve done over the last year to curb Governor Evers’ liberal wish list has resulted in our state being in a great position,” said Rep. Steineke. “Thanks to our conservative values and willingness to fight for Wisconsin priorities, our students and schools are thrivinghealthcare is affordable and accessible, and our state is a great place to live, work, and play.”

While the governor was able to expand his view beyond just Madison and Milwaukee tonight, sadly a majority of his State of the State address touted priorities that speak only to liberal hubs. After months of focusing on growing the size of government, expanding welfare, and largely ignoring the needs of rural communities, tonight’s speech was much more of the same.

“I’m incredibly disappointed that in the governor’s first year in the East wing, he has not learned that we are able to best serve Wisconsinites when we all come to the table to find solutions that work for everyone,” continued Rep. Steineke. “The governor continues to say that he wants to work across the aisle, but his actions of endlessly pushing the legislature to the side tell a very different story.”

Despite the conservative WISCONSIN budget receiving no votes from Democrats, Rep. Steineke is proud that there was bipartisan support for more than 95% of votes in the Assembly. Finding common ground on so many bills was an indicator of the legislature’s ability to work together for the betterment of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, tonight’s speech indicated that this year will bring more instances of the governor working to circumvent the legislative process.

In 2019, Governor Evers signed a record 61 executive orders as a first-year governor, indicating an unwillingness to work with the legislature. In tonight’s address, the governor laid out three new executive orders that will once again attempt to remove the co-equal branches of government from the law-making process.

“While Governor Evers is focused on finding ways to get around working together, I will continue to focus on the priorities and values of my constituents,” said Rep. Steineke. “The state of our state is strong – and we in the legislature are committed to doing the hard work needed to keep it that way.”

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