MADISON- Today, Representative Stubbs called attention to the COVID-19 legislation’s lack of robust, equitable measures needed to meet the needs of Wisconsin citizens during this crisis. “Today cannot be the final date the Assembly meets. This situation is rapidly evolving, and we must be responsive to the needs of our state and the many unforeseen challenges in the days ahead,” Rep. Stubbs stated. “The health and safety of the people of our state must continue to be our top priority, and our state government must do everything possible to keep our communities safe, protect our democracy, and support our businesses.


Rep. Stubbs expressed, “Assembly Democrats offered amendments that would help achieve those goals. First and foremost, we cannot seek short-term solutions to long-term problems. I am ready to work on whatever is needed to help get our state through this crisis. We cannot turn our backs on the people we represent who are relying on us to act in their best interest during this unprecedented time.” The bill has some positive provisions. But this is not nearly enough. States like Minnesota have passed multiple, bipartisan bills addressing COVID-19 and are already considering more legislation. We need to do more.


Rep. Stubbs asserted, “Inequities in access to the workforce, healthcare, and education still exist and are now compounded because of this crisis. These underlying issues have not changed; instead, they are leading to disproportionate mortality rate as almost half of COVID-19 related deaths in Wisconsin are Black people despite the extremely small population of us (6%) in this state.”


Rep. Stubbs urged, “This cannot be the last time the Assembly meets. We need to pass equitable, comprehensive, and immediate legislation that takes care of all of our citizens with more support than is being offered in this bill. And we need to do it now.”

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