(MADISON) – Today, Governor Evers announced a statewide mask mandate aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 following a recent rise in cases and hospitalizations statewide. Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“I applaud Governor Evers decision to implement a statewide mask mandate. This pandemic does not know municipal lines or county lines. It is important that we have a statewide, cohesive approach to stopping the spread of COVID-19. 31 states and the District of Columbia have issued some form of mask mandate as new infections surge across the country, and it’s time we joined them.

According to a recent analysis, if 95% of people wear cloth masks when they’re interacting with other people, it reduces transmission by at least 30%. If this statewide mask mandate results in 90-95% compliance, infection rates could fall dramatically.  Stopping the spread of this virus is the most important thing for our state. We cannot fully reopen our economy or safely send our children to school until the pandemic is under control. If we want to save the economy, stay open, and move towards schools opening, everyone should comply with this order.”

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