MADISON – Rep. Stuck issued the following statement regarding the senseless tragedy of George Floyd’s death and the continuing protests in the Fox Valley, the State of Wisconsin, and across the country:

“It seems clear that most people recognize that the actions by Minneapolis police officers was criminal and wrong, and I am glad to see that their actions have been condemned by law enforcement officials in our community and across the state.”

“While this was a horrible, gut-wrenching action, I am glad that these issues of systemic racial injustice are receiving the public attention that they so deserve.”

“Wisconsin and its Legislature should take immediate action to begin addressing these issues. Just one thing that we could do, that the Governor has indicated support for is passing Assembly Bill 1012 which would overhaul law enforcement agencies’ use of force policies and clearly state that the use of force is the last resort.”

“Until the Legislature takes these first steps, I continue to believe that actions speak louder than words and will continue to join these peaceful marches and rallies in the Fox Valley, in support of the marginalized members of our community. I am proud to stand with our community leaders to show that Black Lives Matter to the people of Appleton.”

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