MADISON – This morning, Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) joined Governor Tony Evers as he signed Executive Order #66, establishing the People’s Maps Commission.

The People’s Maps Commission was one of Governor Evers’ top priorities outlined in his State of the State Address last week. The Commission members may not be elected officials, public officials, lobbyists, or political officials, but must be composed of representatives from each of Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts, in addition to experts in nonpartisan redistricting.  The goal is for the Commission to listen to the people of Wisconsin, and propose fair, nonpartisan electoral maps.

In response, Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“I applaud Governor Evers’ Executive Order to create the People’s Maps Commission so that we can finally bring fair, nonpartisan redistricting to our state. This is how things should be done-in an open, transparent process rather than behind closed doors with secrecy agreements, that protects the right of the people to choose their representatives, not the right of politicians to pick their voters which the current corrupt system protects.  It is past time for all Wisconsinites to have fair maps and a fair chance to elect people who will truly represent them at all levels of government.”

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