Madison…Representative Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc) and other legislators introduced a joint resolution recognizing organ donors.

The resolution proclaims April of 2020 as Donate Life Month in Wisconsin.  “I was happy to join my legislative colleagues to bring awareness to organ donations,” said Rep. Tittl. “We all know somebody who has either donated an organ or has received a donation. It’s nice to honor those who have provided a gift that saved someone’s life.”

Coming from Manitowoc for the passage of the resolution were Ron and Mary Hinz, Mark Leonhard, and Ginger Schwarz. Ron received a new kidney from his niece, Mark is a liver recipient, and Ginger is a lung recipient.

Rep. Tittl remarked, “These individuals have done a lot to promote organ donations in the area and have inspired many others to donate. I was happy to honor them on the floor of the Wisconsin State Assembly”.

In Wisconsin, about 2,000 individuals are currently awaiting an organ transplant. Of these, more than half have been waiting for more than two years. A single individual’s donation of various organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys can save up to eight lives, and donation of tissue can help save the lives of up to seventy-five people.

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