Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) has this week’s GOP Weekly Radio Address.

I’m Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. 

An important bill was signed into law by President Trump this past week. The CARES Act is the 
singlebiggest economic relief package in American history. The $2.2 trillion law includes direct payments to individuals and families, small business loans, increased unemployment insurance benefits, and money to hospitals for equipment and infrastructure.


The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projects that Wisconsin will receive more than $2.2 billion dollars in federal help. I want to thank the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation and especially, President Trump, for providing such comprehensive assistance to the American people when we need it.


I also want to thank our first responders and essential employees throughout Wisconsin. They’re not only putting their health at risk, many are going above and beyond to make sure that their communities get the services they need. Many departments like the Wausau Police Department are implementing emergency shift scheduling. Officers are working longer hours to meet the COVID-19 demands. In my home county, the Racine County Sheriff’s office is leading a community wide effort to manufacture more personal protective equipment. And many front-line workers across the state are sacrificing time and contact with their own family in order to keep everyone else healthy and safe.


Please know your public service is not going unnoticed.


In closing, I’d like to remind everyone, the Spring Election is on.  If you haven’t already voted, you can still vote absentee or in-person on Tuesday.



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