MILWAUKEE – State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement in response to Speaker Robin Vos asking the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to investigate  the November 2020 election:


“The people of the United States and the state of Wisconsin have spoken – Joe Biden will serve as our next president. Rather than accepting the results and urging our nation to unite, the president is throwing a temper tantrum and throwing out inconsistent and malicious lies to undermine the election.


“Instead of pushing back against obvious misinformation, Speaker Vos is adding fuel to the fire. He knows full well the integrity with which our local clerks facilitate our elections in Wisconsin. He knows there is no foul play here. This is a fool’s errand.


“Vos has abdicated his responsibility as the Assembly Speaker. The day Vos directed the Campaigns and Elections Committee to look into nonexistent voter fraud, the Department of Health announced 62 Wisconsinites had died in just 24 hours from COVID-19. During this tragedy, as hospitals are becoming overwhelmed and small businesses are shuttering their doors, the Wisconsin legislature has not met since April.


“As the ranking Democrat on the Campaigns and Elections Committee, I am appalled that Vos is using our committee as a political weapon instead of doing his job. My colleagues and I want to get back to work for the people of Wisconsin. We want to address the suffering of communities hit hard by the pandemic, and we want to do more to prevent further tragedy. Instead, we are focusing on finding proof for conspiracy theories.


“I am happy to convene immediately to address the COVID pandemic and to help Wisconsin. But we should not convene simply to appease a sore loser.”

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