Rep. David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) and Rep. Jimmy Anderson made the following statement upon releasing the Second Chance Housing and Eviction Limitation (HELP) package.

“Evictions and housing discrimination continue to plague low-income Wisconsinites and communities of color across the State of Wisconsin,” said Rep. Crowley. “The Second Chance HELP Package aims at curbing the negative impact that evictions and housing discrimination have on our most vulnerable communities. These bills focus on finding fair and equitable solutions to help families avoid eviction, receiving adequate assistance to fight eviction, eliminating housing discrimination, and ensuring more Wisconsin families can secure independent housing.”

“The unfortunate reality is that even a single eviction can trap someone in a never ending cycle of housing insecurity,” added Rep. Anderson. “With this package of legislation, we can prevent discriminatory housing practices, ensure that landlords are following the law, and help Wisconsin families stay in their homes. By passing the Second Chance HELP package, we can guarantee for thousands of Wisconsinites the reliable housing they need to lay the foundation for the rest of their lives.”

The Second Chance HELP package includes five pieces of legislation. These include a bill to limit housing discrimination because of past criminal convictions, a bill to increase housing opportunities for individuals with an eviction on their record, a bill to provide rental assistance to those in danger of eviction, a bill to provide legal services to those facing eviction, and a bill to help abate rent in response to neglected maintenance issues and landlord malfeasance.

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