MADISON – The Democratic members of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections provided the following statement in response to Speaker Robin Vos asking the Committee to investigate the November 2020 election:

“This is a ridiculous attempt to cast doubt on the results of the November 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin, and we reject it outright. It is irresponsible, unnecessary, and unfounded. While members of President Trump’s campaign actively engage in attempts to undermine state elections elsewhere, the Speaker is joining his party’s desperate attempts to deny the will of the people by manufacturing controversy here in Wisconsin.

“Clerks across the state are finalizing election results as we speak, in full compliance with state and federal law. They have risen to the monumental task of administering this election amid a new spike in COVID-19 cases and ever-heightened scrutiny of their work. After sitting on his hands for over six months doing nothing to address the pandemic or its impact on families and small businesses, the Speaker has decided instead to play political games and complain when the results of a statewide election did not go his way.

“As members of the Speaker’s own party have pointed out, recounts in Wisconsin have shown time and time again that our electoral system is reliable and secure. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has reported no irregularities with regard to the administration of this election. There is no reason to doubt the results provided by our hard-working clerks. We are grateful for all the poll workers and National Guard members who worked tirelessly to ensure that every voter was able to make their voice heard.”

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