Republicans will stage a convention with a very different and more optimistic message than the Democratic National Convention, a GOP consultant said.

“You’re going to see President Trump and Republicans making their case across the country,” said Brian Reisinger, of Platform Communications. He appeared Sunday on UpFront, produced in partnership with

“You’re also going to see a message of optimism,” Reisinger said of the Republican National Convention, which begins today.

“You’re going to see the president talking about his record, and what he plans to do for the country in the future, as opposed to really a (Democratic) convention that was not only stuck in the basement last week, but also was stuck in sort of a pity party for America, and trying to make us feel ashamed of ourselves as a country,” he said.

Also on the program, Diane Coenen, president of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association, said clerks are working hard right now to prepare for a crush of absentee ballots expected this fall.

“We’ve since April been able to look ahead and prepare a little bit better when it comes to mailing out the absentee ballots,” Coenen said.

She said when local clerks get a request for an absentee ballot, they have to turn it around in 24 hours.

“When you get 100, 200, 300, 400 (requests) a day, that’s a very difficult task for the staffing at any municipal office,” she said.

Coenen said she has confidence in her local post office to deliver ballots on time, adding many clerks across Wisconsin work with their local postal officials.

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