A group of candidates and activists will be holding a rally on Saturday October 3 rd , on the Capitol steps, to ‘Take Back our Communities’. The goal of the rally is to empower and give a voice to residents and business owners who are frustrated with the lack of leadership and attention to public safety, by local and state government, in response to the violence and destruction accompanying the recent protests against racism.

“We speak out on behalf of those who are afraid, and who have been intimidated by the violence and destruction in Madison, Kenosha, and across the Midwest,” states rally spokesperson Phil Anderson. “We all acknowledge the problem, and of course, the Constitutionally guaranteed right to protest. But we along with most people expect government to help keep the peace, and to calmly lead toward solutions- not fan the flames of anger, then idly sit by and allow homes, businesses, and lives to be destroyed”.

The group includes Congressional candidate Peter Theron, #WalkAway activist Heidi Frisch, State Senate candidate Scott Barker, and 7 State Assembly candidates. Speakers will begin at noon, at the King Street entrance of the State Capitol, and end with a #WalkAway march. The #WalkAway movement is marching on Washington DC on the same day, October 3 rd .

“We welcome everyone to join us, and hear our message of peace and leadership,” continues Anderson. “This is not a partisan event about a partisan issue. This rally is about demanding more leadership and responsiveness from our government. We all deserve at least that much from our government, regardless of party affiliation.”

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