By a 52-48 vote, the United States Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as the newest Supreme Court Justice.

“We are thrilled with President Trump’s third Supreme Court nomination. Amy Coney Barrett is exactly the type of person we need on our nation’s highest court. Her background, experience, judicial philosophy, and understanding of our Constitution all lend to her outstanding qualifications,” shares Wisconsin Right to Life’s legislative and PAC director, Kristen Nupson.

After her nomination to the court by President Trump in late September, Barrett was the center of a contentious nationwide debate. Her deep-rooted faith and outspoken personal pro-life beliefs lead many to believe she comes to the bench with a goal of overturning the landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, under the leadership of Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, held four days of public hearing on Barrett’s nomination. Wisconsin’s Senators were split on the final confirmation vote. Senator Ron Johnson (R) voted to confirm, while Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) voted against.

“Amy Coney Barrett exemplifies what the pro-life movement has been telling women for years: you can have a career and be a great mom, too,” continues Nupson. “You don’t need abortion to be successful. Barrett has a beautiful family, successful legal career, and personal faith. Her confirmation to the United States Supreme Court should be an inspiration to us all.”

Sitting Justice Clarence Thomas is expected to administer her oath of office this evening at the White House.

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